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Title: serial number
Post by: jim on September 08, 2009, 03:56:32 PM
 HI everyone I just brought home my new 9n tractor to restore. At least I think it is a 9n. Can anyont tell me where I can find the serial number? For I know it might be a 2n or an 8n. On the front under the ford tag is a ferguson tag and I can lift an implament and hold it with power also it says 9n on the governer but that is all I know. Any help would be much appreciated Thank you.
Title: Re: serial number
Post by: Pete P. on September 13, 2009, 01:03:39 PM
Jim --

SN is stamped (lightly) on a flat spot on the block just below the head on left side near oil filter.  Your description sounds like it's not an 8N but it could be a 2N. 

The biggest differences with an 8N is they don't have the Furguson System badge, they do have a four speed trans. and have two hydraulic controls (draft and position.)  There are other differences, but it sounds like yours is not an 8.

9 vs. 2 is trickier.  Pre-war 9s have an I-beam style radius rod.  1939 and 1940 used a four spoke steering wheel, but wheels are frequently replaced.  1939 had an aluminum hood and grille (rare.)  Early 9s had smooth hub axle shafts, 2N has riveted hubs, but.... the smooth axle shafts tended to break and were replaced over the years with riveted ones. 

The best thing is to lift the SN, then look up the year for that number.  Then go back to the tractor and try to disprove the SN by looking at clues like the ones mentioned above -- if you can't disprove the SN year then it's probably right.  If you do find something inconsistent then you're left with a dilemma of whether or not it's a different engine in your tractor or a replacement part on an otherwise straight tractor.  In the end one may never know 100 %

Hope this helps,

Pete P.
Harborcreek, Penna.
Title: Re: serial number
Post by: ontarioparts on December 14, 2009, 05:00:22 PM
The 2N, 8N and the 9N are very very similiar. To identify which tractor you have will have without a tag or serail number will have to depend on several small differences between the three tractors.

To begin with, the 2N and the 9N has a three (3) speed transmission. The 8N has a four speed transmission. Which do you have?

If its the 4 speed, then its the 8N. If not, then its either the 2N or the 9N.

I have just persused the parts diagrams for both the 2N and the 9N, and I cannot immediately see any other differences.

best regards
Title: Re: serial number
Post by: nhp on December 14, 2009, 05:25:47 PM
    I had similar deal did not know if i had a 9n or 2n. Gave the serial # off the block to a dealer he told me exactly what it was.Thought i had a 1947 2n turned out to be a 1944 2n.Hope this helps.
Title: Re: serial number
Post by: MetscherFarms on March 11, 2010, 01:52:16 PM
I have the same question myself when I get home I'm gonna try to lift my serial number and see what it is..... Thanks for the information this should help alot
Title: Re: serial number
Post by: ibTALLwalt on December 30, 2010, 11:19:33 AM
I too, have just become the proud owner of a Ford 9n/2n, tractor.  My dilemma is that someone prior to my purchase has ground off the serial number on the engine block.  Soooo, I can only guess as to it's real age.  It appears to be a 9n by, applying some of the aforementioned identifiers, but.....as one of you said...you can never be 100% sure.... Would have really liked do be able to establish a birthdate for her...so, I guess I'll just have to give her one like you would an abandoned child...