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General Discussion / 9n shifter problem
« on: May 20, 2010, 06:03:15 AM »
I recently purchased a 1942 9n knowing nothing about tractors and little about mechanics in general. Shortly after buying and a little use, the shifter lever started moving up and down in the socket. As I inspected it, I saw a small pin in the base of the shifter where it goes into the housing. The pin is in a round recess that I would guess holds a ball or bearing with a hole to receive the pin and hold the whole lever into place. Since the dust cover/boot is either wrong or installed wrong, I am guessing the ball/bearing fell out and is gone forever. I have a new boot on the way, but how do I replace this ball or whatever to fix the problem? Or am I just completely wrong about how the lever is held into place? I have a manual, but it is not clear. Can anybody help?

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