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Author Topic: 9N or 2N  (Read 3323 times)


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9N or 2N
« on: October 20, 2010, 03:16:44 PM »
Hi, I am sure this question is'nt a new one ....but after some more research I believe the 9N/2N we have aquired (fitted with Perkins 3 cyl Diesel Conversion) is a late 1943/early 1944 tractor (still haven't tracked down the casting codes yet) this is purely based on research to see what model years had which features. So now that we believe it to be a 1943/44 tractor instead of a 1941 as previously thought ...its not clear to me now if I should be referring to it as a 9N or 2N. From what basic understanding I have 2N's were introduced in 1942 as a cheaper version of the 9N with steel wheels and no starter motor etc ...what isn't clear to me is whether 9N's and 2N's were then built on the same line ...or whether all became 2N (so 9N effectively ceased production) ? I can tell you that the tractor we have has the H section style from axle radius bars (the reason i say this is that I have heard - rightly or wrongly - that only the 9N's had the H section radius bars ?) ...It has rubber tyres (athought these could be a later fitment) not sure if it had a starter motor ex-works as it has the diesel engine fitted. Finally I believe I am right in saying (please feel free to correct me if I am wrong) that because it has 2 fillers on the fuel tank this would make it a 9NAN/2NAN vs a 9N/2N (which I think are the straight gas/petrol model) ?. I would appreciate feedback it would be nice at shows to state that it is a 9NAN or 2NAN with some confidence ( wouldn't be the first time I have seen a 1945 9N (as described by the owner) on a rally field) Thanks Wayne