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Author Topic: 9N Starts fine then runs rougher and rougher and after 5 minutes dies  (Read 145 times)


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Just completed new main bearings, new rod bearings, valves, etc. Started work about a year ago, then sidelined by a knee injury, just started 9N up a few minutes ago, same fuel was in tank from last year... Have to keep choke rod out 1/2 inch to smooth out engine. Then developed a miss then died. Battery, year old, charged, then engine started through engine start on battery charger. I have been driving this since I was 10, I'm 60 now, and it was my grandfather's tractor, so I have more than a running interest in the tractor so to speak. Thinking fuel, thinking weak battery, weak spark...? Has new wires, new coil, new plugs....". Anything I may have missed, would appreciate a reply.